Why Choose AMN?

3 Reasons AMN Design is the Smarter Choice for your Marketing, Design, and Web Development Needs:


You value experience, and you define value as more than just a good price.

If you’re not interested in paying minimum wage to work with the newbie who just finished design school, and you want an experienced professional managing and executing your project or campaign, we should talk.

We have over two decades of combined experience as a digital marketers, and we’ve been creating professional websites since 2004. We’re in tune with the latest design trends and technologies; and as a complement, we have the real-world business sense to know when and where they’re appropriate.

We understand the business implications of design decisions. We will provide effective solutions for your business at a competitive price. And, we’ll do it right the first time.


You want open-minded guidance and to know exactly what you’re paying for and why.

We’ll provide realistic time and cost estimates based on the scope of your project or campaign. We talk straight and without the technical jargon, and we’ll explain exactly what’s involved in achieving the results you want in a language you can understand.

We’ll listen to your needs and direct you to the best selection of solutions for your business. We’ll then discuss the pros and cons of each, allowing you to make an informed decision.

We won’t sell you products or services that don’t make sense for your business. We’re upfront about costs, and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and why.


You want dedicated professionals who take pride in their work focused on your project.

We only accept a limited number of clients at one time. As a result, both you and your project or campaign will get the focused effort and attention to detail you deserve. You’ll have direct access to us, and we will address your needs and answer your questions.

We’re also connected to a network of talented designers and web developers for additional support. When needed, we can tap the best resource to get the job done right and within your budget.

We don’t just do this for the money. We do it because I love it. And, we do our best on every project.